A Pox on Chicago

March 21, 2024

City Hall seems bizarrely calm about the cases of measles

"Stop the spread!" That was the mantra when the COVID-19 virus ravaged the world. A lab-grown respiratory virus concocted in the Wuhan region of China and accidentally released, the bug eventually took its greatest toll on the elderly and infirmed. Following COVID hitting the United States, cities became ghost towns, schools were shuttered, and employers told office personnel to remain at home. The scramble to get everyone online for what was to be only two weeks became two years of only “essential” operations. Masking and mandatory vaccination were required everywhere based on what we now know was fraudulent information.

During COVID, social distancing became the norm where people were required to stand three feet from one another. Grocery stores had arrows on the floor directing customer traffic, and Catholic schools that remained open checked the temperatures of each child who entered and made them use hand sanitizers before being permitted to go to their classrooms. The faithful were not allowed to congregate and services were met by ghoulish looking leaders dressed with face shields.

In COVID’s wake is a world we no longer recognize, with children whose primary years were filled with fear, a lack of socialization, and educational regression. Those same children have grown and are now filled with anxiety and an overall confusion about what gender they should be. Through it all, governments learned that they could control the population and make decisions about whose livelihoods would survive or perish based on “science."

However, all of that seems to have been forgotten not only by the Biden administration but also by sanctuary cities, such as Chicago. For nefarious reasons, open border policies are unleashing third world citizens into our country unchecked. Border patrol and police are to stand down and let the river of human beings flow.

Questions arise regarding what constitutes humane treatment or whether there should be borders at all. Shouldn’t people be allowed to move freely from place to place without restriction? Doesn’t each human have dignity — unless it is a woman’s choice?

In Chicago, Mayor Brandon Johnson decided to place politics over common sense by welcoming a wave of illegal migrants to our city. Texas Governor Greg Abbott took Johnson at his word and sent busloads of them to Chicago. What could go wrong? Chicago Public Schools needed more students, causing more teachers to be hired, which will mean more dollars being paid to the Chicago Teachers Union. Meanwhile, the free shelter, food, and services will endear illegals to Democrats. At least that is the calculation. After all, Governor J.B. Pritzker announced last June that illegal immigrants would be granted state driver’s licenses.

As Pritzker stated:

“This legislation is a significant step in eliminating the barriers to opportunity that many undocumented immigrants face. We're ensuring every eligible individual can obtain a driver's license, making our roads safer, decreasing stigma, and creating more equitable systems for all.”

How giving illegal immigrants a driver’s license contributes to making our roads safer is never fully explained by the governor. Furthermore, Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias concurred that providing state identification is the noble thing to do to avoid discrimination.

So, Illinois, but mainly Chicago, now has a new underclass to exploit. As the black voting population throughout the city realizes that Mayor Johnson will not fulfill the promises of a brighter future, they do not matter anymore. The new, ignorant voting block will be illegals.

However, all is not as rosy as it seems. There is an outbreak of measles stemming from a shelter in Pilsen and its spread could affect more at Philip D. Armour Elementary School and Cooper Dual Language Elementary Academy, both CPS schools. Do not fear, Chicagoans. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is on the case.

What is measles anyway? It’s a virus that is usually more harmful for children or the infirmed. Measles is an extremely contagious, airborne disease and is passed from one to another quite easily. Symptoms include a fever, cough, runny nose, and red rash over your entire body. Furthermore, measles can kill via complications neurologically due to high fever or from respiratory issues. Once you get measles, it needs to run its course. According to the CDC, out of 1,000 children up to three will die. But the most important item of note is that it was a disease considered eradicated in the United States as of 2000 due to childhood vaccinations.

Let us reflect for a moment. A Chinese virus, COVID-19, was leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, to the rest of the world causing mass hysteria and a race for a vaccine. The U.S. forced its people to submit to vaccinations to combat this deadly disease and ensured citizens had vaccination cards to prove that they received vaccinations to board planes, for example. Nonetheless, the need for global citizens to remain vigilant and follow health guidelines has now been turned on its head because of an open border and sanctuary city policy that is not only bringing back diseases that had long since vanished in first world countries but is also adding to crime and homelessness.

In Chicago, Mayor Johnson’s answer is to continue to provide shelter to illegals for only 60 days (which became over 94 days due to the cold winter). When CBS News Chicago asked about his plan to contain the measles virus from further spread, Johnson replied:

“…you know, we’re working towards a plan for quarantine, particularly vulnerable individuals. And we are finding those locations for pregnant people.”

Pregnant people. Johnson certainly knows progressive speak. Keep in mind, though, that quarantine is 20 days and the mayor admitted that “at one point there was some resistance to vaccinations.”

Interesting. Those who were resistant to getting a COVID vaccine were vilified. Many Chicago businesses of all sizes, hotels, retail, and restaurants were unable to survive closures followed by reopening mandates. Even our lakefront was a point of contention. At the time, Mayor Lori Lightfoot was befuddled because “People just weren’t listening.” Lightfoot needed to take even more decisive action to ensure Chicagoans remained in place and didn’t get fresh air at a beach.

Only a few years later, politicians expect Chicagoans to forget the pandemic and instead be filled with joy that our city allows illegal immigrants to seek shelter in buildings, hotels, airports, and on police station floors while carrying third world diseases. Everything is alright because Americans by and large are required to yield to immunization for afflictions more often affecting children to attend school. Since the majority of our children will be safe, why quibble with illegal immigrants about their need for vaccination prior to attending school or getting a job?

The absence of logic and inequality is palpable. Government chooses winners and losers dependent upon which way the wind blows. Right now, before major elections, Democrats need every vote they can get. If those coming here are violent or diseased, kick the can down the road until December. Until then, Mayor Johnson will need to hide the illegals, homeless, and “silly kids” while increasing security before the Democratic National Convention this summer.

Perhaps Mayor Johnson can reach out to Rihanna to obtain Fenty Beauty products. Makeup can cover measles spots just as well as paint jobs can hide gang graffiti. Ultimately, Chicago only needs to look good for a few days.

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