Chicago's Fire Next Door

April 11, 2023
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Nomination of former Foxx aide for U.S. Attorney's office should raise a few eyebrows

A grand failure by conservatives throughout the country is recognizing the central role Chicago plays in re-imaging the American republic as a socialist hellhole.

The failure illuminates a central difference between the tactics of the political left and right. The left has shown itself far more willing to organize and fight for the past five decades than the right. In Chicago, the left fights incrementally on every level of every institution, attacking judges who rule against them, placing their allies on school boards, creating unconstitutional bodies, and equipping them with the power to undermine elections and criminal cases. To assist them in their onslaught, the left has turned the mainstream media into a public relations arm. Furthermore, the left has shown it will dig into any issue, no matter how seemingly trivial, to push its agenda forward even a centimeter.

The right, on the other hand, is largely a collection of arm-chair intellectuals, long-winded journalists, and politicians who variously pose self-righteously for television and make dramatic speeches in front of Congress. Indeed, one of the few galvanizing issues within the Republican Party was moving against Donald Trump in large part because of his willingness to fight the left in a manner the tepid conservative talking heads could never imagine.

Conservatives are flailing. The American Republic is heading for Armageddon.

To become grounded and relevant, conservatives need to understand the playbook being utilized against them: The strategies, the players, and the history. That playbook is the City of Chicago and the manner by which Chicago became dominated by one party over the last four decades, now ruled over by Brandon Johnson, courtesy of the Chicago Teachers Union.

To understand Chicago, then, is to understand the Democratic Party brought to the national stage.  

A good starting point for the right would be to understand how April Perry, the former chief ethics officer under Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, has been nominated to be the next U.S. Attorney in the Northern District of Illinois. One would think that any person who worked under Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, perhaps the most corrupt and incompetent prosecutor in modern history, would in and of itself preclude them for such a powerful position in the Department of Justice (DOJ). Nonetheless, such a person would not understand how Chicago’s one-party socialist program not only protects its corruption but expands it.

If approved by the U.S. Senate, Perry would replace the retiring John Lausch, who, despite taking on and winning some high-profile corruption cases, presided over an era in which the federal courts in Chicago became little more than a lucrative ATM machine for the radical left.

In seeing how someone like Perry could be nominated to lead the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago, the right might understand more coherently the current weaponization of the DOJ destroying free speech, falsely arresting and convicting citizens and former presidents, drumming up evidence to serve false warrants, censoring speech to influence elections, and then ignoring evidence of illegitimate elections. It all started in the evolution of Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois into a one-party mafia, the likes of which would impress Vladimir Putin.

Perry earned media headlines when she retired as chief ethics officer from Foxx’s office in the wake of the Jussie Smollett scandal. Foxx had lied so frequently and so hilariously in the case and committed so much misconduct, Perry’s resignation was portrayed as an ethical decision.

Hardly. Resigning from service in Foxx’s office was little more than a legal dodge and part of charade of accountability the Chicago machine often employs. In Chicago, any scandal can be transformed into an asset. The Smollett case now serves as a crucial distraction for Foxx’s real corruption, the sole topic used to describe just how deceitful and manipulative Foxx can be. Yet Foxx survived it and presses on. Foxx’s larger abuses were and are ignored by Perry, elected officials, and the media (including conservative outlets).  

Two key issues surpass all others.

Under Foxx, a string of convicted murderers have been freed from imprisonment on the claim they were the victims of coerced confessions while in the custody of police. Under Foxx, these exonerations have turned into the most lucrative socialist industry the nation has ever seen, socialist because it is funded purely by the taxpayers. The citizens paid for the investigation of these crimes, and both the prosecution and the imprisonment. Taxpayers paid for the prosecutors who let them out and for the city attorneys defending the detectives for Chicago. Finally, they pay for the many multi-million-dollar settlements the city frequently makes in these cases, to the fury of the detectives who investigated the case.

The real scandal in the State’s Attorney’s office was revealed when prosecutors in Foxx’s office were deposed by attorneys defending the detectives in a series of these cases. The prosecutors who were seated for those depositions stated repeatedly they did not think the men were innocent. They also assert in some cases they did not believe the detectives involved with the investigations had engaged in any misconduct whatsoever.

Where, then, was Foxx’s chief “ethics” officer then? And where is Ms. Perry now as these cases unfold in the federal courts over which she may soon exercise administrative control? Perry was nowhere. Testimony crying out for a federal investigation into how Foxx is handling these cases, is there any doubt Perry would remain as silent and inactive on them in the federal courts as she was as Foxx’s “ethics” officer? Please…

Some of the exoneration cases are the result of a state funded agency with broad powers to overturn convictions that have long been settled in the criminal courts. This agency, The Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission (TIRC), is under fire in both the federal courts and Will County, with attorneys defending the police claiming TIRC is blatantly unconstitutional. Exonerations based upon TIRC rulings are being challenged in the federal courts, with defense attorneys assailing the innocence claims and alleging biased media pressure, not evidence, as a central force behind the releases.

One wonders. Is Perry being nominated for the top spot in Chicago’s federal court for her legal talents or her unbridled ability to remain silent about allegations of Chicago corruption?

A cynical person might suggest the real reason for Perry’s nomination.

Presently, the radical left runs the Cook County Board, which is headed by Toni Preckwinkle. Her minion, Kim Foxx, runs the State’s Attorney’s office as a weigh station to grant freedom to criminals and indict police officers. Governor Pritzker has proven a most loyal servants of this radical left. Brandon Johnson now serves as mayor. The only force that could be a threat to Chicago’s one-party rule would be the DOJ.  

Any way you cut it, Perry would be a most crucial asset, just as she was for Kim Foxx. Chicago’s deep state would have little to fear from federal oversight with the likes of Perry.

While the city and nation are distracted during the circus of arresting former President Trump, another devastating expansion of the Chicago machine into the federal system maybe taking shape, a crucial step in recasting the nation into the cesspool that is Chicago.

Bada Bing, badda boom.

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