Chicago Media Tied to Election Corruption?

November 16, 2020
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Tribune columnist Eric Zorn attacks reek of desperation.

Unlike a Marxist state in which journalists are reduced to obediently parrot the whims of ruling party, journalists in a republic are charged with using the First Amendment to investigate and keep the public well informed.

That, ostensibly, is the function of the media.

In Chicago, however, the collection of editors, reporters, and columnists abandoned this mission of a free press in a republic decades ago. In doing so, the media in Chicago became more a subversive force, attempting to undermine opponents.

No media outlet reflects this transformation more than the Chicago Tribune, and no writer at the paper more than columnist Eric Zorn. Indeed, the thirty-year transformation of the paper from a lone Republican outlet in the city into an agent of an extremist political movement could very well be called the Zornian era of American journalism.

As the current presidential election approached, Zorn and his allies at the Tribune stood at a precipice. Their media narratives faced a mortal attack in the potential re-election of President Trump, whose upset victory four years ago sent a shockwave through the monolith media. The last thing the media expected was the election of a president who calls the media the enemy of the people and promulgaters of propaganda that is nothing more than fake news.

Trump, however, was more than a figure whose ideology offended them. In Trump, they faced a powerful political figure willing to assert and prove that the media is rampantly corrupt and a threat to the republic itself. If the media saw Trump re-elected with an aggressive, honest attorney general appointed to run the Department of Justice, for example, how many stories by the media would be revealed as nothing more than collusion in a criminal enterprise, as the Russian hoax is now becoming?

For the media, then, it is absolutely essential that Joe Biden become president, not only to push the leftist mainstream media agenda, but to protect the media from facing an accounting it so desperately needs. This is particularly true for Chicago. The magnitude of corruption facilitated by the media here could be certainly be revealed in a second Trump administration.

One example that perfectly illustrates a Biden victory helping media avoid the burden of scrutiny is found in Chicago’s recent elections.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx won re-election despite a scandal-ridden first term, the most prolific of which was her decision to drop charges against Jussie Smollett. That case was originally revealed through local media outlet CWB, a news source outside Chicago’s mainstream media. Though you wouldn’t hear about it from the city’s mainstream media, that case was, in truth, insignificant in comparison to the many other examples of potential corruption during Foxx’ reign of activism over prosecution.

After taking office, Foxx began releasing inmates on almost laughable claims they had been coerced into confessing from corrupt detectives. Her decision on these cases contradicted her predecessor Anita Alvarez and benefited some attorneys or law firms who fervently supported her election to prosecutor.

Since those men have been released, the cases have been steadily ripped apart in the federal courts, attorneys for the detectives attacking them on an almost daily basis, including attacking the media coverage of some. It has gotten so bad that top prosecutors under Foxx have been subpoenaed for depositions by the attorneys for the detectives, a clear sign they want Foxx’s staff to explain the bizarre decisions to release the offenders. These are cases involving vicious murders, rapes, and kidnappings that city attorneys have argued are clearly fraudulent. If the release of these men were not warranted, it would signify a complete and total breakdown of the criminal justice system in Chicago.

Yet the attacks on Foxx’s decisions in federal court have garnered no coverage from mainstream media outlets. The news blackout is uniform and strictly enforced in Chicago, a level of media collusion to ignore evidence and compelling journalism never seen before in the city. In particular, the Tribune’s federal courts reporter, Jason Meisner, has simply ignored each and every development, including the shocking developments that Foxx’s staff are being calling into court to testify.

In committing this media blackout, the mainstream media in Chicago has effectively denied the public the crucial information they needed to assess Foxx’s performance, thereby acting in concert to help Foxx get re-elected, and it worked. Now Foxx may soon find herself appointed to a federal position in the criminal justice system should Biden win the election.

This brings us back to Eric Zorn.

Zorn, who was a vocal supporter of Foxx in both her elections and who never mentioned any of the startling allegations against Foxx’s exonerations in the federal courts, has been all over social media, relentlessly attacking and ridiculing Trump and his supporters for decrying the legitimacy of elections in key states.

Anyone with a cursory knowledge of Zorn’s career as a journalist and columnist would not be surprised by this outburst. They know this is nothing new for Eric Zorn. For three decades Zorn has ignored evidence in cases that contradict his and his allies’ progressive campaign to attack their enemies. Over this period, Zorn has established what some might allege is a pattern and practice of using media pressure to attack those attempting to bring new evidence to light as he himself ignores this evidence.

Why, after all, is Zorn and his media acolytes throughout the city uninterested in bolstering the legitimacy of a Biden victory by ensuring the election was, in fact, legitimate?

Perhaps one of the main sources of Zorn’s apparent rage over President Trump is the strong possibility Trump has been right about the character of the media all along.

If President Trump is correct, unraveling the history of this media corruption might be traced back not to Washington, but to the windiest of cities.

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