Statement from Second City Cop

January 12, 2021

Administrators of popular blog explain decision to shutter website.

Well, this was certainly a long time coming. Fifteen years, over 22,000 posts, almost two million comments and God knows how many attempts to silence us. But it might finally be over…at least this version of it.

Over the weekend, we received information from a contact at Google that internal chat/e-mails led them to believe that certain precautions we had taken over the years had been breached by Google.  We had gotten similar warnings from others in the past, and we dealt with or ignored them as the situation warranted. But this one was different.

And this one - on the heels of Big Tech’s wholesale attack on the President, Parler and center-right to right-leaning authors, politicians and voices – pointed to a countdown that had far less time than we had thought. Most likely, far less time than you think, too. The blacklisting has begun, even if you won’t see it. You should – the wholesale abandonment of the President, the denunciations, the, “I wasn’t really with him” self-serving statements. Sound familiar? It should…if you have any recollections of the show trials behind the Iron Curtain, in Southeast Asia, in assorted Middle East kleptocracies.

Disavowal and re-education is on tap. What Senator McCarthy is remembered for – “Are you now or have you ever been…”  has been twisted, refined (Bake that cake!), and exacerbated (Parler is only the first of many). They don’t want “unity.” They want Compliance and as the last fifteen years have shown, we aren’t really good at compliance. The amount of personal data available to “woke companies” who would deny commerce or service based on beliefs, contributions, investments (not Green enough!), social media posting, employment (cops not welcome here), bumper stickers – Have you heard of Operation Choke Point? Look it up and imagine it drilled down to individual citizens. Orwell’s 1984? It’s here.

In closing, we’d just like to thank a few people:

·         Phil Cline – without you banning us from Department computers, we wouldn’t have jumped from 3,000 visits a day to over 30,000 unique daily visits. You, more than anyone, assisted in our success. Some days it topped 50,000, but we thank you for the ten-fold increase. Too bad you can’t ban the next generation SCC;

· – the only true source of crime numbers. We know you’ll ferret out a few more hidden bodies to put 2020 over 800. We guarantee that they’re out there. Groot has ordered the Department to sit on over 20 of them;

·         CWB blog - you are what reporting should be in Chicago. We don’t know your operation, if it’s phone calls or emails or actual feet on the street, but you do more to create informed citizens than major newspapers and broadcast entities;

·         The Chaplains - Fr. Brandt has done and continues to do God’s work. It is the only police charity we contribute to because we know exactly where every dollar is going. And there isn’t a finer man of G-d alive than Rabbi Wolfe. When we hear he’s in the building, around the District or on a crime scene, we’re getting a handshake and our candy - it’s like a scavenger hunt. The rest are decent people, too. Sorry we only ever got you the $50 from WGN Padre. Maybe others contributed anonymously, but that’s between them and God.

·         Our readers. Without you, we would have been nothing. Even last week, we still posted over 90% of comments that didn’t run afoul of the guidelines, and in 15 years, we only had permanent bans on perhaps thirty names.

We have a few hundred e-mails waiting for us, begging for info, and all we can say right now is, “We don’t know.” We don’t know if this is it, we don’t know if we’ll return. We don’t know what Big Tech has in store for us and the political winds are not fortuitous. We are exploring options and we’ll leave it at that.

In the meantime, everyone reading should make these sites the first place you go for news and educated opinion:

·         Ace of Spades blog - the smartest blog in the world right now

·         Instapundit / PJ Media – the Godfather of Libertarian blogging

·         Breitbart – even when it’s over the top, it’s more than you’ll get from mainstream sources

·         The Contrarian - in depth investigative reporting may just be reborn there

Watch your backs boys and girls. And your fronts. No one else will.

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