Who Is Chicago’s Prosecutor Kim Foxx, Really?

October 18, 2023

Cook County prosecutor’s war on Chicago Police proves the revolution will be televised

Despite the best efforts of Chicago media to protect the most corrupt prosecutor in the country, Kim Foxx’s malevolence and dark designs for the very system she purportedly represents occasionally sneaks out.

Such was the case recently when the media broke the story a plea deal negotiated by Foxx’s office with an offender tied to murder of one police officer and wounding of another.

On August 7, 2021, Eric Morgan was driving in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood when his car was stopped by Officer Ella French, partner Carlos Yanez and a third officer. All three were members of the Community Safety Team. A struggle ensued and Emonte Morgan, a second occupant of the car and brother to Eric, opened fire on French and Yanez. French was later declared dead and Yanez was critically injured. Eric Morgan fled the scene with the gun used in the shooting but was held by residents.

In his plea deal, Eric Morgan will not be charged with the murder, and instead pleaded to a string of felonies that will put him in prison for seven years.

Seven years for the shooting of two officers, one fatally, is a pretty sweet deal. It is also a deal that justifiably infuriated police.

“We remember the days when everyone in the car got charged…and got convicted,” the authors at the Second City Cop Blog wrote.


The murder of Officer Ella French is not the only shooting death of an officer that tarnishes Foxx’s record as prosecutor. The perpetually aggrieved state’s attorney is also under fire for her role in the exoneration of offender Jackie Wilson for his role in the 1982 double murder of two police officers, William P. Fahey and Richard J. O'Brien. In a courtroom overseen by Circuit Court Judge William Hooks, himself facing allegations that he “made racist remarks and tampered with witnesses,” in a separate case, according to Chicago City Wire, the third criminal trial — yes, you read that correctly — of Wilson imploded and charges were suddenly and unexpectedly dropped by special prosecutors in the middle of court proceedings.

Wilson’s legal victory was an asset for the radical left that has steadily gained in political and legal strength throughout the city and state. The election of Foxx is another grand accomplishment of their movement. In the fallout of the Wilson trial, two former prosecutors, like the police indicted by Foxx, are facing highly suspicious criminal charges with little or no legal foundation for their role in the Wilson saga. Despite being former prosecutors, they have received little public support from Foxx.

After winning the criminal trial, Wilson’s lawyers then filed a federal lawsuit against the police and prosecutors involved in arresting and trying Wilson and his brother. In that lawsuit, Foxx is accused of refusing to turnover files to a defendant in the lawsuit.

Unbelievably, it gets worse. Foxx is also facing intense criticism for allegedly not responding to a FOIA request seeking information on why Foxx’s office decided to release several convicted killers. One case involves two men convicted for their role in stabbing a couple to death and kidnapping their two children. Chicago City Wire has reportedly filed two complaints against Foxx’s office for failing to turn over the records in the case, a matter in which even Foxx’s top prosecutors admitted the men were guilty of the murders. Prosecutors in Foxx’s office who reviewed the police investigation and the criminal trial also dispute the allegation confessions were coerced by former detective Ray Guevara.

Do you get the picture here? Anything remotely tied to criminalizing or legally attacking police officers or those who have represented police officers appears to get the full support of Kim Foxx. Men involved in crimes in which officers are fatally shot or wounded? Foxx’s administration gives them a pass.

To fully grasp how Foxx has artlessly turned her office into a command center for the war on “the system,” one has only to look at the exoneration of Nevest Coleman and Darryl Fulton for the rape and murder of a young woman. Attorneys defending the detectives in the case got on record yet again to state the fact top prosecutors did not believe Coleman and Fulton were innocent or that detectives committed any wrongdoing in investigating the crime. The excuse, then, for not retrying the offenders? Prosecutors lacked the “resources” for a retrial.

Chew on that one.

Certainly, there seems to be no lack of “resources” in the Foxx administration to indict police officers on the most frivolous cases. In these cases, many of which are laughable, Foxx has lost in court to FOP attorneys who are all too familiar with her tactics and the absence of a legal foundation with which to charge the officers.

Only recently, Officers Ruben Reynoso and Sergeant Christopher Liakopoulos were found not guilty of two counts of aggravated battery with a firearm and two counts of official misconduct in a July 2022 shooting in Pilsen.

“I find both officers acted within reason in firing their weapons under these particular circumstances,” Flood said.


After being condemned in the media, prosecutors dropped charges against the former officer Bruce Dyker, 53, who had been charged with aggravated battery in a public place and two counts of official misconduct. Dyker’s case drew national attention after he scuffled with a woman who refused repeated commands to leave North Avenue Beach after it closed.

In another instance, Foxx’s office extended its losing streak in the case of former officer Melvina Bogard. Bogard was absolved of aggravated battery and official misconduct in the Feb.28, 2020, shooting of Ariel Roman at the Grand Avenue Red Line Station.  

Even the Chicago Tribune, a notorious cheerleading section for Foxx, had to acknowledge Foxx’s losing record against cops.

“[T]he Cook County state’s attorney’s office has lost a number of subsequent cases against officers that mostly went before judges in bench trials.”


Yet neither the Tribune, nor any other media outlet in the Chicago, will point out the obvious contradiction of a prosecutor’s administration that claims there were insufficient “resources” to retry two men for a rape and murder of a young woman, but seems to have a limitless supply of “resources” to go after doomed criminal cases against Chicago police officers.

One important question emerges: How does Foxx get away with it? The answer is easy enough: Both Foxx and the Chicago media are riding the same ideological bus. Foxx and the media would suffer humiliation beyond measure if the truth about the real inner workings of each saw the light of day, if the public was every truly privy to the mutual machinations of each entity.

In particular, both Foxx and the media cannot allow the public to catch a glimpse of the motives behind their actions. Foxx’s motives are best represented in statements former Black Panther and retired congressman Bobby Rush made in defending Foxx from accusations of corruption in her handling of the Jussie Smollett case when Rush called the Chicago police union “the sworn enemy of black people.”

“Let’s be clear, Kim Foxx, her battle, is with the FOP and all of their cohorts.”


It sure is, Bobby. It sure is.

A former Black Panther defending Foxx and leveling the ridiculous charge an entire fraternal organization harbors a deep prejudice against an entire race puts Foxx’s actions in context, for Foxx’s philosophy and tactics harken back to the grand days of 1970s revolutionary groups like the Black Panthers murdering police and the Weather Underground bombing government buildings, including police stations, all the while extolling the wonders of Marxism.

Looking back at those early days of the modern radical left, the motives behind groups like Rush’s Black Panthers and their radical brethren the Weather Underground, were less disguised. Consider the statements of Bernardine Dohrn, a 1970s bomber who eventually became a law professor at Northwestern University:

"Killing a cop just because he's a cop, that'll happen. And that should happen. And there's nothing inhuman about it at all. It's survival. It's the most human thing in the world."


The newest incarnation of revolutionaries is glossier, more rhetorically sophisticated, better funded, and has burrowed deep into the institutions of what is now a doomed city. The city’s demise is being carefully disguised by the collection of media activists with journalism degrees.

And the opposition in Chicago, the so-called conservatives? They have yet to catch on to who and what Kim Foxx and her media acolytes truly are:


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