On Chicago: SCC Asks: Had Enough Yet?

June 29, 2021

Reaping the whirlwind

We used to do a feature for the New Year every so often. We'd make predictions about the upcoming year – local, state, national politics, some sports stuff, some off-the-wall things. It was entertaining.

We also used to do a regular weekend prediction (centered around the holidays), predicting the maimings and killings that seem to infect Chicago on a regular basis. We drew upon the experience of multiple decades working multiple Districts not only of our writers, but our friends, acquaintances and readers. Statistics are an interesting field of study, and not to brag, but we spent a few years doing number crunching. It served us well over the years to the everlasting disappointment of our bookie.

Sad to say, we were pretty close on more than a few weekends predicting Chicago bloodshed. There were some weekends that relieved and/or shocked us, both in terms of missing or excess mayhem, but this June....


Three mass shootings (using whatever made-up definition the media manufactures today) within twenty-four hours this past weekend. Six mass shootings (perhaps more by the time this gets published) for the month. Almost certainly four HUNDRED wounded by the end of June with a probably eighty homicides (Chicago is sitting on seventy-seven as of Monday). (All stats from the HeyJackass.com website.)

How could this happen? What could have caused this all? Isn't there anything that could have been done to stop it?

All these questions, while we open up the CWB blog and read story after story after story:

  • A carjacking in Bucktown, two more Avondale, shots fired during another jacking on the Gold Coast;
  • A guy on bail for multiple felony charges found with a gun;
  • Another felon – on bail for gun offenses – caught with another gun;
  • A tourist from Maryland murdered by a guy wanted for multiple attacks.

And that's just the first two pages.

Anyone know what Mayor Lightfoot and the Fifty Thieves in the City Council are doing?

  • Renaming Lake Shore Drive?

What the actual heck? How much is that one going to cost taxpayers for signage alone?

What is Kim Foxx up to? Foxx is blaming the Chicago Police for....get this....arresting the wrong people!

"Foxx’s office this week held a webinar for journalists with data visualizations about a steady increase in Chicago police arrests of people who have no prior convictions but are caught illegally carrying a gun. It’s an approach that dragged more than 1,400 people into the criminal justice system last year. Those that are convicted get a label that dims job and life prospects and arguably decreases public safety in the long term."
“The evidence doesn’t show that the drivers of the violence are the people who’ve been arrested for nonviolent gun offenses,” wrote Sarah Sinovic, a spokeswoman for the office, referring to illegal possession of firearms. “State’s Attorney Foxx has long said we need to invest more in violence prevention and a more holistic approach to address the root causes of violence.”
"Illinois bans gun possession without a valid firearm owner’s ID card. Even with a FOID, people who carry guns in vehicles must keep them unloaded if they are accessible in places like the glove compartment or under a seat."
"According to data visualizations displayed by Foxx’s office during the webinar, CPD gun arrests have nearly doubled since 2014. That increase is mainly due to arrests for gun possession, a crime that Foxx’s office deems “nonviolent” because the gun is not used or fired."

Do you know which morons made mere "gun possession" into a crime? That would be the legislature. They make laws. It's kind of their job. And while we may not believe they are correct and we actively work against them via Second Amendment organizations, political contributions and voting, the fact remains that these individuals are breaking the duly enacted statutes of the State of Illinois.

Do you know which moron is supposed to prosecute the laws that are broken? That would be Kim Foxx, who has failed miserably. Foxx actually won reelection by hiding from reporters AND her opponent, refusing to debate or answer questions about her pro-felon policies. The Chicago media – the alleged "watchdogs" – allowed her to get away with it because it was the "COVID Election." Not only did Chicago's media refuse to press her with statistics, they outright ignored her opponent, and carried water for the entire leftist establishment advocating "defunding" along with stripping police of even the barest Constitutional protections.

This ongoing train wreck of incompetence and criminal coddling comes with a body count. How high it has to go before the "community" gets fed up with it is the question of the year.

Any predictions? Seven-hundred dead is a lock at this point. Maybe Superintendent Brown gets fired at six-hundred.

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