Poll: Chicago Confronts the Migrant Issue

October 17, 2023

Taking Chicago's pulse on illegals in the Windy City

The arrival of illegal immigrants to Chicago is one of the great crises of our time. In sum, 15,000 illegals have been sent to Chicago since August 2022. A staggering number, even without considering the cost, the sheer scale affects every facet of local government including education, housing, healthcare, and law enforcement.

The strain on city services is undeniable.

This matter is exacerbated by the dozen or so overlapping, and often conflicting, agencies of local, state, and the federal government charged with providing services to the migrants. Add to the mix several NGOs — which are run by unelected self-interested bureaucracies, yet receive tens-of-millions in taxpayer funding — and it's no wonder the situation appears completely untenable.

There is an old saying, "a problem well defined is half solved." We can't expect politicians to solve anything if no one can agree what the problem is. People's opinions are precedent to government action. To this end, we'd like to see if we can help define the problem.

The link below is to a survey about illegal immigrants in Chicago. We're asking that you take a moment to participate in this survey. Share the link on social media. We're looking for opinions across the political spectrum. We will share the results in an article later this month.

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