Burn Down the House: My Endorsement of Brandon Johnson for Mayor of Chicago

March 23, 2023

Let’s get the inevitable over with

In the runup to the Chicago mayoral runoff, I’m seeing a number of my friends change their political tune by getting active in politics and supporting Paul Vallas.

Some are writing big checks.

Just about all of these persons with male genitals were previously liberals. And some were even progressive.

But I’m convinced most white people who menstruate – even those high up in law, consulting, finance, etc. – are still caught up in the short and curlies over equity.

Even if it means having to apologize for their Jewish or Asian privilege and oppressor status on the woke pinwheel as their BMW is relieved of them at gunpoint by those lower on the power totem poll.

Or worse.

These ladies have somehow rationalized in their mind that it’s perfectly normal to bring butt plugs and progressive political advocacy into the classroom.

All the while, their kids get into increasingly worse colleges because they’ve not ticked the black, Hispanic or buggery/fisting/tormented box on their applications.

Let’s call them the “100 percent safe and effectives” for Brandon.

But I actually align more with those individuals formerly known as women than men in this mayoral election.

Here’s why: Brandon Johnson will finish the job of Lori Lightfoot and Kim Foxx.

It’s time to burn down the house vs. controlled progressive brush fires.

Brandon Johnson is not just going to sit back and watch Chicago slowly spiral out of control. No, sir. He's going to take things to the next level.

Now, I can hear you naysayers out there already. "But Benjamin, what about the people of Chicago? Won't they suffer under Johnson's rule?"

And sure, maybe they will. But think about it this way: It's a small price to pay for the greater good.

What’s a carjacking, assault or the CTU or Francis Parker grooming your daughter to slice off her boobs compared to what is right for Chicago?

Because the truth is, the only way for our city to truly be reborn is for it to first be destroyed.

To accomplish this noble goal, we must fully decimate the tax base by cratering property value throughout downtown and the Northside as people flee.

The job is underway. But Brandon will finish it in record time.

Sure, some will stay.

But the last them/they/their standing in musical tax chairs deserves everything coming to them, including the George Soros sponsored social justice gifts along the way.

Blowback is a progressive b*tch on fire.

And who better to light the conflagration than Brandon Johnson?

He's got the vision, the passion, and the complete and utter disregard for the well-being of his fellow citizens that's necessary to get the job done.

And to that, all I can say is…

Let’s Go Brandon!

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